Wedding Photography Prices Decline – Why?

Reasons for Photography Price Decline

Wedding Photography Price Decline

Ask almost any  professional photographer, and they will tell you wedding photography prices are falling. For a typical photographer the price has probably halved or more from $3000 U/S – £2000 UK a decade ago to under half of that now. ALl photographers are now feeling the pinch. The question is why?

In a recent survey on “Photography on the Net” forum here a variety of answers were suggested.

  • A rebellion against artificially high prices.
  • The technology allows budget coverage by a new breed ofprofessional
  • Uncle Joe now has the technology to take photographs just as good!
  • The economy has everyone tightening belts
  • Photography is not seen as important enough.
  • Disposable cameras left on tables are adequate.

At least some of those ideas hint that demand itself is drying up for photographers for weddings. This does not appear to be so.

Google insights suggests a small decrease in demand but only in the last couple of years. So it is not demand that is drying up. By the way – look at our series on photography marketing to see how to use this wonderful tool for your business.







Notice how in our test control there ” wedding gifts” are  equally affected, so photography is not reducing. Neither is “photographer” – those searching photographer, most certainly are after a professional.

So if not volume what else can it be?

We see two other factors coming into play:

(1) Risk.  In the days of lightmeters, F stops and ASA ratings on films you had to be right first time. Sure you could take several photos with slight aperture differences, but you had no way of proving whether the reel of film was good.  Now it is different.  Any photographer can see an image of the picture immediately. Did a light source creep in and saturate? Was it slightly out of focus? If so – you can take another picture. And the lower risk has led to a greater supply of people willing to offer their services.

(2) Price Comparison. Ten years ago the average buyer only had magazines and yellow pages, and then had to make phone calls to get a quote. Now the internet allows far faster comparison of prices, and the average couple can choose between far greater competition.

So what to do for the professional  photographer?

Discover ways to avoid selling on price : and part of that is to discover what  makes people buy!

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