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Sigma DP2 with Foveon X3 SensorIn the advanced point-and-shoot category Sigma has introduced the DP2 using the coveted Foveon X3 sensor that is 20.7mm x 13.8mm in size. The DP2 was designed to created quality images that can challenge some DSLR cameras. The DP2 sports a fixed lens equivalent to a 41mm, supports Raw files, and HD Video offering a vaiable option to those who big camera quality in a smaller package.

“For the enthusiast there can little doubt that the DP-series is appealing, and Sigma must be applauded for bringing the concept to fruition. However despite the many known issues of the original, the DP2 retains many of the same shortcomings, and even brings a few new ones to the table.”

Sigma DP2 is available from these trusted sources:

Sigma DP2 – Amazon

Sigma DP2 – Adorama

Sigma DP2 – B&H

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