Sigma DP2 Review – Photo Review

The Sigma DP2 uses the Foveon X3 14 megapixel image sensor consisting of three layers of photo sensors. This is the same sensor as found in Sigma’s professional DSLR. The lens is fixed at the equivalent of a 41mm f/2.8. Photographers will also appreciate being able to capture JPEG and Raw files.

“Not surprisingly, many aspects of the DP2 were the same as (or very similar to) the DP1. Like the DP1, the new model is not designed for point-and-shoot photographers but for photographers who are prepared to spend a fair amount of time adjusting camera settings before shooting – and also on their computers processing the image files afterwards.”

Sigma DP2 is available from these trusted sources:

Sigma DP2 body- Amazon

Sigma DP2 body- Adorama

Sigma DP2 body – B&H

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