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Sigma DP2Inside the Sigma DP2 is a Foveon X3 sensor 20.7mm x 13.8mm in size, larger than most  compact cameras. Translated that is a sensor anywhere from 7 to 12 times larger than most in this catagory. The DP2 has a fix “41mm” f2.8 Sigma quality lens. Photographers can shoot in an all programmed/autofocus mode or choose complete manual settings even focusing manually. It’s serious shooting without having to take a DSLR.

“If you’re a pro looking for D-SLR-quality photos from a camera with a compact body, the Sigma DP2 is definitely an option—heavy hitters like Canon and Nikon have yet to deliver a product like this. But with significant speed issues, no optical zoom, and other limitations, the DP2 isn’t the right choice for everyone.”

Sigma DP2 is available from these trusted sources:

Sigma DP2 – Amazon

Sigma DP2 – Adorama

Sigma DP2 – B&H

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