Seagate 1TB drives failing and the solution to fix them

There has been a firestorm of posts about Seagate 1TB drives failing and Seagate has responded. Lots of photographers are using the Seagate 1TB drives and this is of special interest to them and their files on these hard drives.

Bottom line for the user – they have a fix and it involves updating the firmware. The gotcha’s are you need to double check to make sure you have the firmware that needs updating or you will kill your drive if your drive is not running the listed firmware requiring action.

Seagate provides a utility to read (very easy to use) the hard drive model and firmware the drive is running on. As an example – the Seagate hard drives here in-house have firmware that starts with the letters “CC” so no update is to be done. If new firmare was applied to these drives it would render them inoperable. If you have Seagate drives that are on the list from Seagate, at that time you take the approriate actions that Seagate recommends.

Seagates response, the instructions, the models numbers the utility to see what firmware your drive(s) have are in this link to Seagate.

Seagate Link

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