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Ricoh CX1For decades Ricoh has been making digital cameras that have often earned the admiration of professionals. But, for whatever reason the company never has made a major push to bring them into the mainstream. The CX1 is their latest. In front of a 9.29-megapixel CMOS sensor is a 7.1x optical zoom lens equivalent to a 28-200mm. The CX1 is marketed as producing image qualilty at the level of art.

” This is a pleasure to use, although we wished for more manual controls. As it is we have no hesitation in recommending the CX1.”

Ricoh CX1 camera body is available from these trusted sources:

Ricoh CX1 camera – Amazon (N/A)

Ricoh CX1 camera – Adorama

Ricoh CX1 camera -B&H (N/A)

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