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Camera Ranking Coming to ProPhotoHome!

A new feature will debut this week on ProPhotoHome. Camera Rankings!!!

Coming this week – Two custom ranking lists of DSLR cameras will appear on the ProPhotoHome home page and will be an ongoing exclusive for ProPhotoHome readers – just for YOU!

The first list will be a purely objective cold and calculated list based on the results of the file quality with emphasis placed on higher ISO settings and includes a factoring of the resolution of the camera.

Nikon D3 Auto ISO 50mm 1.8 Nikkor

Yes, megapixels count!

Megapixels make a difference in the final output of your DSLR. Are you better off shooting a super clean 12 megapixel camera or a 21-24 megapixel camera with pretty clean high ISO settings? The new camera ranking list will be different because it will take into account the power of the megapixels in a DSLR body and it will be emphasizing higher ISO shooting all at the same time.

Nikon D3 Auto ISO 50mm 1.8 Nikkor
Static Photography versus Active Photography shooting styles.

Static Photography – like landscape work or architectural photography – puts photographers in a different frame of mind and speed of operation in their photography. Active Photography type of shooting is usually done shooting fast and moving fast. Another difference is how lighting impacts settings that need to be used to grab those shots because Active Photography is often done in low or less than optimum lighting situations.

Here’s the glitch – when camera tests and reviews are done, optimum shooting environments are most likely the case and pressure situations are not added into the mix of what happens to the camera users. Camera buffs shooting a family gathering in their living room or professional photographers capturing weddings, fashion or news, find environments are often not well lit and the world of Active Photographers most often find themselves shooting at ISO levels of 800 to 6400.

Nikon D3 Auto ISO 50mm 1.8 Nikkor NEF

How can cameras be compared when shooting at these higher ISO settings for quality output and still include the base foundation camera image quality at low ISO settings? And how does the number of megapixels a camera have effect the images in relation to their high ISO performance? What is needed for Active Photography is a ranking that puts together image quality including the resolution of the camera and have the whole ranking system skewed to show what happens at higher ISO settings. And here is a new question with the newer cameras coming out today – does it help to have more megapixels even if the camera is not the high ISO champ? How can a person balance the high ISO quality level and the number of megapixels a camera has?

The new Peter Gregg Camera Ranking, a ProPhotoHome exclusive, is designed for photographers doing Active style shooting and helps to answer those questions. Many web sites on the internet can be found that do fantastic work showing how well a camera does in lab environments and at 100 percent pixel views. The unanswered questions for Active Photographers still remain though – which camera is better for low light photography, and how do I balance the high megapixel cameras with ultra clean lower megapixels cameras? The bottom line – BUYERS NEED HELP to put the cameras in an order that shows how they line up with each other including quality, resolution, and features.

Nikon D3 Auto ISO 50mm 1.8 Nikkor

Your help has arrived. The Peter Gregg Camera Rankings will premiere on ProPhotoHome this week. Be on the lookout for it. There will be 2 ranking lists. A PURE HIGH ISO&MEGAPIXEL POWER RANKINGS will be cold and calculated. Just the pure facts wherever they may go combining low ISO, high ISO and megapixels with the cameras ranked on their performance emphasizing these points.

Next, will be a Peter Gregg Ranking List that does what the first list does and adds a pinch – JUST a pinch – of how the features stack up and how powerful the autofocus is in the camera. This will be the HIGH ISO&MEGAPIXEL POWER RANKINGS – ADDING FEATURES&FOCUS ABILITIES list.

They are coming soon here on ProPhotoHome.

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