PocketWizards Announce new MiniTT1 and FlexTT5

Things are getting heated up in the off-camera lighting world. PocketWizards, one of the biggest names for connecting off camera flash by radio, has announced their new line. These are following the huge innovation that Radio Poppers surprised the world with last year – a radio controlled flash receiver that also does TTL systems from Canon and Nikon.

The first batch is going to be Canon only and later in the year PW will be releasing their Nikon units. The pricing at the moments seems to be set at the MiniTT1going for $199 and the FlexTT5 for $219.

The naming conventions seem to be a little bit of a tongue twister and it reminds me of some of the blurb name a few cameras have sported in the past.

Moving on though, these new units are taking the PW forward one giant step. You can go the the PocketWizard web site and read on the new receiver and transmitter, and the new mini that slides onto your hot shoe and gives you another hot shoe on top to keep the ability to have a flash on the camera. Here is the web site: PocketWizards

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