Photography Trends – Getting an Insight!


What is in a trend? 

Arguably ALL  business decision making is based on trying to predict identify or follow trends, and so pro photographers would be well advised to know how.  

Trends can answer all sorts of questions.

  • What time of year to advertise wedding photography?
  • Is  baby photography growing or shrinking?
  • Is there any demand left for film cameras?
  • Are acrylic blocks getting more popular?

Good news!

Google make examining these trends very  easy for those who know how.

They provide a  tool called google insights and we recommend all professional photographers learn how to use it.

Here is an example: that produced the picture you see above.

On another thread we discussed wedding photography prices falling and asked the question: Is wedding photography demand falling?

Here is how we answered the question.
Google allows us to trend the volume of people searching for specific terms.

Insights tells us in graphical form how many people entered those search terms into google search engine , and it gives us a quick and easy way to see how that has changed over a period.

See google insights for wedding photography here.

Study that graph. It covers a decade. Notice how demand for wedding photography has indeed fallen a little , but not nearly as dramatically as the price photographers are now obliged to charge to get business.

What else can insights tell us? A great deal more, but you will have to login to find out!


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