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The Pentax K-m/K2000 is considered an entry-level 10.7-megapixel DSLR. The features speak for themselves. Included are shake reduction, dust reduction, and scene-specific shooting modes, just to name a few. The K-m/K2000 isi also available in a kit that includes an 18-55mm AL lens and AF-200FG flash.

“The Pentax K-m is a good first camera. It has better build quality than most of its rivals, it handles and performs well, and is capable of producing excellent results even in the hands of a novice, while still having enough features and custom options to satisfy more experienced photographers.”

Pentax K-m/K2000 digital camera is available from these trusted sources:

Pentax K-m/K2000 camera – Amazon

Pentax K-m/K2000 camera – Adorama

Pentax K-m/K2000 camera – B&H

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