New Olympus ad is really cool – make sure to see it !! – Peter Gregg

A lot of attention has been given to this camera and in my opinion rightly so.

However, there is something else that deserves a look from folks that will be really really inspirational and I have to admit it knocked my socks off.

Every once in a while an advertisement comes along that exceeds the regular water level of what everyone else is doing and raises the bar. It gathers it’s own attention (which is pretty much right on the mark of what the advertisement was for to begin with).

Olympus has done that here and for photographers of ANY type, you GOTTA see this.

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Evian water did the same thing recently with their “Evian Water Babies” commercial. To see that, go to and search for Evian Water babies. If you aren’t amazed then you aren’t much into photography – lol.

Here is the link to an Olympus ad, watch it as a photographer, see the possibilities, notice how the camera doesn’t much matter, high or low ISO, the lens, or anything else. A combination of the talent and telling the story always will be the top point of great photography whether it’s one picture or 90,000.

Peter Gregg

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