Nikon D400 was up on official German Nikon site – then pulled off.

The Nikon D400 was posted on the Nikon Germany site today and then pulled off again.

It seems this newest form of free advertising works for these giant companies now as this is becoming a regular scenario with both Nikon and Canon. It immediately gets them that American “shot heard around the world” impact and costs them nothing but a few minutes of air time online and taking it off again. How many of us have that technique available to us?

With the Canon rumors of a March 25th announcement floating around the world, the Nikon bear might have gotten a little jealous and wanted some attention of their own. Well, they got it. This is being reported on most major web sites and it definitely being a talking point on the forums.

For some of the meat, according to the Nikon site, the D400 (the replacement or addition to the D300) will have the following specs revealed so far:

15.3 MP
6 FPS (frames per second)
ISO 200-6400 ISO range, no mention of expandability, but stay tuned . . .
Full HD video capture

And there was a picture but it’s gone. There has been lots of talk lately about a printed manual for this camera and the rumor sites have been on this like fresh red meat.

The Nikon web sites around the world have been down all together for a short period and the speculation is it was to update the sites for the D400. I think it would be pretty cool if there was even more than the D400. Hey, why can’t I make up my own rumors :)

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