Nikon D3X Review – Photo Answers

Since Nikon’s introduction of the D3X it has captured the attention of many a professional photographer with its 24.5-megapixel sensor, rugged performance and it’s tremendous abilitly to capture great images even in low-light conditions.

“If you simply must have the ultimate image quality available from a camera and medium-format is not an option due to its price, bulk, pedestrian speed or lack of lenses, then you have to splash out on the Nikon D3X. There really is no other camera that comes close.”

The Nikon D3X Digital SLR is available from these trusted sources:

Nikon D3X Digital SLR Camera (Body Only) – Amazon

Nikon D3X Digital SLR Camera (Body Only) – Adorama

Nikon D3X Digital SLR Camera (Body Only) – B&H

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