Nikon D3X Review – Dave Black

Photographer Dave Black reviews the Nikon D3X. Black’s work has appeared in noteworthy publications that include Sports Illustrated, Time, ABC Sports, and CBS Sports, just to name a few. Black’s portfolio of work reflects that of a versatile pro photographer who is easily able to talk about Nikon’s high-end DSLR in real terms.

“The Nikon D3X is not for everyone, but make close examination of your business. If this 24.5 megapixel camera can set you apart from your competitors by raising the quality bar higher than others are willing to go, then perhaps the D3X IS the camera for you.”

The Nikon D3X is available from these trusted sources:

Nikon D3X(Body Only)

You can also find these cameras at B&H Photo.

Read Full Review Here (Part 1)

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