Canon G12 With DX Sensor

I just received word that the Canon G12 will have a DX sensor.  Wow!  This could be huge if it’s true. I’d love to have a G12 size camera with a sensor that is HUGE in comparison to it’s competition.  Imagine how great the image quality would be if the [...] Read more »

Canon G12 Backlit CMOS

Some G12 specs just up over at the website.  Chief among them is the fact that the G12 will have a backlit CMOS sensor, and it’ll do 1080HD video. Now the G12 having a backlit CMOS sensor is interesting.  Theoretically, this should give the G12 even better high ISO, [...] Read more »

Canon G12

CanonRumors has an interesting little tidbits post of which one of the more interesting bits for me was the mention of the Canon G12. Like many photographers, I love the Canon G series.  My G10 was a beautiful little piece of equipment.  It was capable of gorgeous image quality, especially [...] Read more »