Canon EOS 60D Only 14 Megapixels?

Now this is interesting… the new Canon EOS 60D might only have a 14 Megapixel sensor! is reporting a new rumor that the 60D will have a “video optimized 14.2 MP sensor”.  While I certainly don’t have a problem in general with a 14 megapixel sensor, I’m kinda’ surprised [...] Read more »

Canon EOS 60D Spec List

CanonRumors has a new 60D spec list.  Here’s the short and sweet of it… 18 megapixel sensor, top ISO of 6400, AF system with 9 AF points, swingy LCD (technical word is articulating), and 1080HD video pretty much the same as the Canon 7D Ok, nothing earth shattering here.  In [...] Read more »

Canon 60D VS Nikon D7000

With the Canon EOS 60D and Nikon D7000 rumored to be announced any day now, I thought it might be a good mental exercise to consider how these two will stack up against each other. The Canon 60D is expected to have at least the 18MP sensor that the Canon [...] Read more »

Canon 60D Very Soon

More rumors are flying around the inter webs that Canon will be announcing a new XXD body very soon.  Some have speculated that this’ll be the 5D MkIII, but that just doesn’t track with me. It’s gonna be the 60D folks.  We’re way over-due for the Canon EOS 60D.  Look [...] Read more »