Canon 1Ds MKIV Test Bodies Spotted

National Geographic photographer Stephen Alvarez has posted on his blog that “[a] friend told me that there are some Canon 1ds MK IV test models floating around. That means 2 things. The much awaited camera’s release is imminent and we should have a first look at it here soon.” We’ve [...] Read more »

No Sensor Cleaning On 1Ds Mark IV

Some new rumor news over at today regarding the Canon 1Ds Mark IV.  Apparently the 1Ds MkIV won’t have a sensor cleaning function. It’s something to do with the way they space the individual photo sites on the sensor, or sensels as they’ve been referred too (kind of like [...] Read more »

Canon 1Ds MkIV Spec List

The first 1Ds MkIV spec list is out over at  I’ve speculated on the specs a little already here on the Pro Photo Home, but it’s interesting to see the first supposedly insider spec list out. So let’s have at ‘er… 32 Megapixel sensor – no surprise here.  I [...] Read more »

Canon 1Ds MkIV With 32MP Sensor $7600.00

Is this for real?  ProGear New Zealand has a listing for the Canon 1Ds MkIV with a 32 MP sensor at $7600.00 USD. 32 MP sensor sounds right for the Canon 1Ds MkIV.  Price actually seems in line, low actually.  Sounds like this could be it. $7600 USD is [...] Read more »

Canon 1Ds MkIV Square Sensor

Yet another CanonRumors post on the 1Ds MkIV, this time with a really revolutionary bit of information… a square sensor for the 1Ds MkIV. I had to think about this one when I first read it.  Actually, I’m still thinking about it.  My gut says this one is going nowhere. [...] Read more »

Digic V In The 1Ds MkIV & 60D

Canonrumors has posted information they’ve received that Digic IV may already be being phased out in favor of Digic V for the upcoming Canon 60D and Canon 1Ds Mk IV. Interesting if this is the case.  To move technology in the middle of a line-up for a given series is [...] Read more »

1Ds MkIV in 2010?

So the allusions to the 5D MkIII got me thinking about the 1Ds MkIV, after all, we should be seeing it well before the arrival of a 5D MkIII if Canon sticks to their usual timelines. Which puts the 1Ds MkIV arriving this year! Actually, this would be right on [...] Read more »