Update :: Black Friday Isn’t for Sissies


(Black Friday casualties have begun. We’ve listed a few at the bottom of this post.) Black Friday is upon us with major retailers set to begin “special” pricing as early as 3 a.m. Eastern Time. In fact, while visiting a local WalMart on November 24 shrink wrapped pallets of goods [...] Read more »

Kuwait Bans DSLR Cameras In Public!!!

The Kuwait Times is reporting that the government has banned the use of DSLR cameras in public by anyone other than accredited journalists. This is the story posted by the Kuwait Times: “KUWAIT: After the ban three ministries placed on photography, most Kuwaiti youth are a bit confused about what [...] Read more »

Using Your Camera’s Flash to Illuminate the Holidays


With the major holidays beginning here in the United States, starting with Thanksgiving, it’s the time when families get together. Of course, you’re going to want to take some pictures. Don’t forget that it’s ok to use an electronic flash whether attached to the camera hot shoe or having one [...] Read more »

Retouching School Pictures is Toothless


A recent article in the New York Times discussed the art of retouching school photos. They’re the ones that all parents love to get of their child or children generally posed against some bizarre multi-colored or even a single-colored background. The lighting is perfect and the camera catches the impeccable [...] Read more »

Pro Photo Home Roundup :: Week of November 19, 2010


Here are some Pro Photo Home links that cover some of the more interesting things happening in the world of photography allowing you to “katch” up and stay current. Concept Camera Lets You Stamp Out Your Photos Is Canon Joining the Mirrorless Camera Club? First Impressions on the Panasonic G2 [...] Read more »

For Your DSLR and P&S :: FIVEPOINT Gloves Keep You In Touch with iPhone, iPad, iPod and Touchscreen Camera Displays


Here’s an exciting new product that was just launched. It’s a product that’s designed to keep you toasty and in touch! FIVEPOINT gloves are a stylish way of keeping your hands warm and dry while using your iPhone, iPad, iPod and other touch-screen devices. Thanks to their specially-designed conductive fingertips, [...] Read more »

Does Taking a Bazillion Images at a Wedding Make You Pro Photographer?


Earlier this year there was a photography conference and tradeshow in Las Vegas. Common these days at hotels is breakfast that is included with your room rate. This is also one of the best times to eavesdrop on photographers having conversations with one another. One morning two photographers were descriving [...] Read more »

Could Photographers Survive If Customers Paid What They Wanted?


If you were to photograph a wedding and then turn over a DVD containing all the images along with a full-blown professional photo album would you let customers pay what they wanted? Could the business survive when the boundaries are taken down? An article in the San Francisco Chronicle takes [...] Read more »

PixelGenius Announces PhotoKit SHARPENER 2.0


November 15th, 2010, Pixel Genius, LLC. announces PhotoKit SHARPENER™ 2.0, a new update slated to ship by the end of the 4th quarter, 2010. PhotoKit SHARPENER 2.0 is an Adobe Photoshop Automate Plug-in designed to bring optimum image sharpening to both scanned and digital captures. With a retail price of [...] Read more »