Can you afford THIS Leica?


The LEICA-M adds rangefinder technology to class precision photography. But in announcing the new range M – Dr. Andreas Kaufmann announced a special collaboration with Sir Jonathan Ive, celebrated designer of Apple products to create a new Limited edition Leica M Since the purpose is publicity and all of the [...] Read more »

New Canon 7D Mark II

24 megapixel, full frame, Digic IV and more. This is a rumor camera reported by Canon Rumors. Read it on their site here: 7D Mark II Read more »

Canon PowerShot S100

Apparently a Canon PowerShot S100 has shown up in an inventory system. CanonRumors reports on this. Click here to read their story. Read more »

Pro Photo Home Roundup :: Week of November 29, 2010 »


In case you didn’t kow there are some interesting rumors on the horizon, maybe true or maybe not. These will let Pro Photo Home readers catch up as they take on Cyber Monday. Epson is said to be toying with the idea of another digital camera… While no one wants [...] Read more »

Truth or Rumor :: Whispers of New 3D Camera and More


Minox is set t release a new digital 3D kamera on September 20, the day before Photokina officially opens the exhibit halls. The company is famously known for making their itsy bitsy cameras that spies used to love when documenting secrets behind enemy lines. The question is whether it’s going [...] Read more »

Truth or Rumor :: Whispers of New Gear – August 30


With photokina less than a 3 weeks away there will be plenty of rumors that become reality. Expectations are high that many new photo products will be announced just prior to or during the event that begins September 21. Olympus is said to be readying new all-black EP2new M.Zuiko lenses, [...] Read more »

Canon 60D Announcement Soon is reporting that a Canon rep has said the Canon 60D will be announced in August. We’ve been waiting on this one for a while now, so hopefully this will be it! To recap what we know so far, the Canon 60D is rumored to be an 18 megapixel [...] Read more »

Canon 1Ds MKIV Test Bodies Spotted

National Geographic photographer Stephen Alvarez has posted on his blog that “[a] friend told me that there are some Canon 1ds MK IV test models floating around. That means 2 things. The much awaited camera’s release is imminent and we should have a first look at it here soon.” We’ve [...] Read more »

Nikon D95 received new information that the Nikon D90 replacement will be called the Nikon D95.  Not sure I agree, but it’s possible as it follows and builds on the D90 name nicely. My money is still on it being the Nikon D7000. Regardless of nomenclature, there were some interesting specs [...] Read more »