Could Photographers Survive If Customers Paid What They Wanted?


If you were to photograph a wedding and then turn over a DVD containing all the images along with a full-blown professional photo album would you let customers pay what they wanted? Could the business survive when the boundaries are taken down? An article in the San Francisco Chronicle takes [...] Read more »

Nikon Patent Reveals Some Mirrorless Thoughts


Shortly after questioning Nikon’s seriousness about a real mirrorless camera came into question more indications of such made it into daylight. Of course, drawings and patents do not a camera make. This isn’t enough to whet one’s appetite but at least it is an appetizer of sorts. Read More… Read more »

Videos :: Photography Tips and Basics


With the holiday season close by it’s time to get your first DSLR camera wishlist together. Start out by learning tips and basics to shorten the learning curve to successful photographs. Read more »

DSLR Photography Means Better Prices When Selling Homes


In a recent study of houses for sale that used point-and-shoot  versus DSLR cameras to make them look more appealing the big boys came out on top when photos translate into higher selling prices. “How much,” you ask? Well, you might want to sit down for this one. Professional looking [...] Read more »

Photographing Monsters, Spirits, and UFOs :: Trick or Treat?


Even back in the mid-1800s there were claims that photography could capture images of the invisible world. Today, we have all kinds of claims. With shades of Halloween upon us there have sneaky manipulations in the darkroom or computer, double-exposure hackery, and other forms of trickery. In fact, it brings [...] Read more »

Lensbaby’s Kirstin Hunter Talks Tilt Transformer

tilt transformer

The new Lensbaby Tilt Transformer is brand new. It allows photographers to mount Nikon glass to the Tilt Transformer’s swivel ball and fluidly tilt up to twice as far as standard tilt-shift lenses. When you tilt, you get a slice of sharp focus through your image that falls off into [...] Read more »