Is Pentax Showing Its True Colors?


Pentax has been in the news quite a bit in the past week. Hoya, the parent company, reported net sales up 1.5%, operating income up 4.7%, and net income up 12%. Of course, you have to remember that Hoya is a big and diversified company so just because the numbers [...] Read more »

Is This the End or the Beginning for Kodak?


Kodak can’t seem to get a break. For quite a while the company has been living more and more on the money that has come in via patents/intellectual property. But, that changed last week when a judge tossed a lawsuit Kodak had against Apple and RIM. It could be that [...] Read more »

Digital Photo Archives :: A Blessing or a Pain?


During an afternoon conversation with a photography professor and longtime friend we drifted into how sad it would be if we lost all of our film archives. Each of us has a considerable “stash” encompassing 50+ years of negatives and transparencies shot in everything from 110 to 8″ x10″ sheet [...] Read more »

Is 3D More of a Pain Than It’s Worth?


The industry seem intent that 3D will permeate everything from movies to still photography and video all the way to smartphone displays. The promises of grandeur sound as if we’re being thrown into new and valuable dimension. Yet, beyond these promises little has been done to address the unwarranted side [...] Read more »

Observations on Digital Cameras from CES 2011


CES is the big consumer show held annually in Las Vegas. It’s a mixture of photography, audio, video, gaming, automobiles, appliances and everything imaginable and in-between. Most of the recognizable names in photography has some kind of presence there including Canon, Nikon, Casio, Samsung, Sony, and Panasonic. Remembering that CES [...] Read more »

Staring Back Into the New Year – 2011

happy new year pro photo home

Staring back into the New Year here are a few things to contemplate when it comes to 2011: 1. Why is it that people always ask this question before buying a new camera: “What is the best digital camera for photography?” Does it surprise you to guess that probably 90% [...] Read more »

Get to Know Your New Camera :: Tips for the Season


Many of you may have received a new digital camera this holiday season. Here are a few tips to get you off and running as smoothly as possible. There’s nothing that brings joy as great holiday images. It all begins with knowing how the digital cameras work regardless of whether [...] Read more »

The Gift of Video for Holiday Memories :: Tips for the Season


With the holidays approaching so quickly here are tips to help you improve video capture so that your clips can be viewed year-after-year. Traditionally this is a time where many family members get together providing a wonderful opportunity to put these experiences down using audio and video. With that in [...] Read more »

Rumors of the Death of the Point-and-Shoot Camera


Here we go again. Rumors abound regarding the death of point-and-shoot cameras. Now that most of the photos on Flickr are taken with an iPhone concerns are growing that the demise of the pocketable cameras as we know them are on the extinction list. Actually, nothing could be further from [...] Read more »