Camera Rumors, Bits, Bytes and News – March 9, 2011


Rumor: Canon and Apple might do something together. While any information is scant there is a hint that maybe the two will promote digital cameras and Aperture software. Or, it could be video cameras and Final Cut Pro.

Fujifilm’s X100 Leica knock-off digital camera is beginning to fall in the hands of a selective few providing a look at what’s to come. Early reports of image quality are promising. And, as reported earlier there will be a shortage in the U.S. when it hits retail channels in April. Of course, keep in mind that backorder numbers for Fuji are quite small when compared to those of Canon and Nikon.

Rumor: Although still not confirmed no one doubts that Nikon has a D5100 waiting in the wings. It seems that somewhere in Korea the D5000 replacement got outed.

Rumor: Coming from the Focus on Imaging show is that Canon has a 1Ds replacement. Outside of that there’s really no other information.

A day or so away will be the sale of the iPad2. Reviews are already glorifying. But, expect a lot more photographic hooks.