Camera Rumors, Bits, Bytes and News – March 8, 2011


Pentax 645D versus Canon EOS 1DS Mk III DSLR is the medium format camera versus the workhorse DSLR. Once you’ve done this research the two camera companies behind them and how their digital track record is.

Rumor: Nikon D5100 to Have 11 AF Points may prove to be a desirable feature particularly if the camera finally gets announced. This is an overdue upgrade.

Timelapse photography
Camera Insurance may be just the thing especially if you use your equipment a lot. Here’s a guide to help you decide if this is an essential part of your photo plan: Part 1 / Part 2.
Renderings of a Leica Digital rangefinder using an APS-C sensor hint that Leica may be exploring more models. At least that’s what we hope.
Fujifilm X100 owner’s manual can be found online to give you a better idea of what this camera can do. The X100 has caught many a photographer’s eye since it’s introduction at Photokina 2010.
Have you ever wanted to convert a new photo into an old one? You might find that making it older looking can make a good photo look even better.
Consider making your own fiber optic ring light flash with this technique. This is for the do-it-yourself photographer who wants to give subjects a splash of light.
Use ambient light instead of flash when you can. But, before you can do that you have to look at the light.
Lady Gaga wants to own your copyrights. Only Gaga would assume that if you take a photo of her at one of her concerts that she owns it. While Rolling Stone magazine says that she’s not the first artist to try this it surely won’t fly.
Have you ever wanted to get into astrophotography? Well, you can. Find out how you can photograph the stars and get a free astrophotography book, too.