Camera Rumors, Bits, Bytes and News – March 13, 2011


Imagine a digital camera as small as a grain of salt. While the idea is a boon to medicine it’s one step closer to invasion of privacy. Of course, the later is a story that will certainly be taken up at a later time.

Have you ever wondered what an “aperture” is? Well, it’s also known as an f/stop and this controls the amount of light that comes through the lens depending upon your setting…

Pinta, a free pixel-based graphics editor. It runs on Mac OS X and has a lot of features for something that doesn’t cost money…

Nikon to hammer away with silly “I Am” campaign that they used at Photokina 2010.

The Consumer Electronics Association claim that one in four photographers will buy a 3D camera in the next year. And, we believe that if this claim proved to be accurate that 50% of those consumers that purchased a 3D camera would at some point regret it after 6 months.

Here are a few tips on how to get some such as a stranger to take your photo. Of course there isn’t one for how to handle the situation when he/she runs off with it and you can’t catch them.