Is Pentax Showing Its True Colors?

Pentax has been in the news quite a bit in the past week. Hoya, the parent company, reported net sales up 1.5%, operating income up 4.7%, and net income up 12%. Of course, you have to remember that Hoya is a big and diversified company so just because the numbers look ok it does not necessarily reflect the health of its camera business. That’s because it’s a mere portion of the whole picture.

What Pentax seems to be finding successful is making available many of their DSLR cameras decorated in a variety of colors. Just today people were talking about the new songwriter Bonnie Pink’s K-r in limited edition. Anyone that catches the allure will  spend around a cool $1000. Of course, it’s easily to understand collectible limited edition cameras especially when they have a something like a Leica brand. But, we’re really baffled as to who is buy the Pentax rainbow colors and as to what kind of value they’ll have in unused condition 10 years later. Companies have to do whatever it takes to achieve profitability. If this color-themed tactic works more power to them. And, yet, at the same time we also find it going against the grain in ensuring Pentax’s rightful place in history regarding its long line of contributions in photography. Maybe it depends on those who see the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.