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Pentax is supposed to be jumping into the mirrorless market sometime this year. They are late to the mirrorless game along with Canon and Nikon. And, the NC-1 is said to not compete with Micro Four Thirds even using a smaller sensor than the competition.

Now the word is that Nikon is really going to unveil some detailed information on their long rumored mirrorless. This is like the 20th rumor that has not come to fruition regarding this. But, an interview seems to point to this otherwise. Although we’re not getting our hopes high a Nikon mirrorless would certainly be a welcome diversion from all those point-and-shoot cameras the company has introduced this year.

In the world of music there’s more photo confusion. Rhianna has created a new video that some say totally rips off photographer David LaChapelle. On the flip is Kodak who got caught up in a music lawsuit used in one of its promotions. It all has to do with a singer’s rights claiming $18,000,000 would make it right. Then, there’s the artwork for Lady Gaga’s latest. The photography looks almost dead on from a Kylie MInogue shoot.

Sony is going to allow third party E-Mount lenses to be used on the NEX line. With the NEX a popular interchangeable camera choice this should open up a lot of optical possibilities that may not be currently available from Sony.

USB Knob Adds Remote Focus-Pulling to Canon DSLR Cameras – $400 (Wired)

Okii Systems USB Follow Focus lets controlled focus of a Canon DSLR via USB. It’s not cheap at $400. But, you get the wonderful ability to pull-focus or manual focus that opens up cinema possibilities for those with Auto-Focus lenses.

Ricoh is going to allow Leica lenses to be used on the GXR. This is a cool idea that is long overdue and lets Leica glass that might not be getting used to the fullest.