Camera Rumors, Bits, Bytes and News – Feb 28, 2011


The Cost of Showing Up for a Photo Shoot is Increasing. When you consider rising gas/fuel prices your bottom line keeps going up and up.

Rumor: Will the Nikon D4 support Thunderbolt? Your files will fly at twice the speed of USB 3.0.

Photographer Dies After Fall at Quarry. Although there’s not a lot of information on this one it seems a young photographer may have slipped and fallen to her death. Watch where you walk while you photograph.

Nikon D400 has already got photographers anxiously awaiting its arrival. The fans area already letting Nikon know some new features that they’d like to see.

Raw image files are the thing for many a photographer. Should you want to give Raw a go and don’t have expensive software that supports it there are some free options that will bring it all into focus.