Camera Bits, Bytes and News – Feb 16

camera bits bytes and news.jpg

Something New is Coming” is the hint regarding something that Pentax will have before the others. What could it be? Don’t think in terms of a camo-colored DSLR.

Is Nikon getting into the translucent mirror business? Another one indicates a light meter right on the prism setting up future products for better audio when capturing video. Patents talk about a half-mirror as Nikon continues to spend a lot of time with intellectual property rather than real product.

Nikon Coulda Had Photoshop tells the story of how the Knoll brothers might have sold their baby to someone other than Nikon. While not new information it still makes an interesting read.

Review of Adobe Photoshop Elements provides reasons for photographers who had rather not invest in the full blown Photoshop CS5 to turn to this younger sibling.

Is Editorial Photography Dead?” is a question that many hope is not true. A Photo Editor tackles the question.

Rice High has posted a humorous title: “Useless Pentax Interview at CP+.” Could it be that colorful camera bodies are doing a whole lot for Pentax’s reputation?

8 Cool Gifts for Photographers such as a Canon lens mug or even a lens bracelet can make even the most diehard photographer smile.

50 Amazing Photoshop Blogs” helps pull together sources that keep the spotlight on our sacred image editing softgware.

Apple Updates Digital Camera Raw to include some of the following: Canon Rebel T3, Pentax K-r, and Panasonic Lumix GH2.