Camera Rumors, Bits, Bytes and News – Feb 28, 2011


The Cost of Showing Up for a Photo Shoot is Increasing. When you consider rising gas/fuel prices your bottom line keeps going up and up. Rumor: Will the Nikon D4 support Thunderbolt? Your files will fly at twice the speed of USB 3.0. Photographer Dies After Fall at Quarry. Although [...] Read more »

Camera Rumors, Bits, Bytes and News – Feb 23, 2011


Rumor: New Micro Four Thirds from Olympus in March. If Olympus does put out another M4/3rds camera it’s got to really be great or the competition from the larger APS-C cameras could continue to be a threat. When the Secret Service Fail to Crop an Image Correctly the Worst Can [...] Read more »

Camera Rumors, Bits, Bytes and News – Feb 20, 2011


Expensive 3rd Party Primes — Are They Worth It? Sometimes one’s budget determines if there should be serious consideration of a 3rd party prime lens. And, in the long run is it worth it? Nikon D5100 Rumored. Is this the successor to the popular D5000? Is Kodak Killing Slide Film? [...] Read more »

Camera Rumors, Bits, Bytes and News – Feb 18, 2011


   Apple Digital Camera Raw Update to include new cameras. To update go to Apple Menu and select “Software Update.” CANON U.S.A. ANNOUNCES TWO NEW imagePROGRAF LARGE FORMAT PRINTERS. Canon is gearing up for WPPI which begins in just a few days out in Vegas. All photographers are potential terrorists, [...] Read more »

Camera Bits, Bytes and News – Feb 16


“Something New is Coming” is the hint regarding something that Pentax will have before the others. What could it be? Don’t think in terms of a camo-colored DSLR. Is Nikon getting into the translucent mirror business? Another one indicates a light meter right on the prism setting up future products [...] Read more »

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Pentax is supposed to be jumping into the mirrorless market sometime this year. They are late to the mirrorless game along with Canon and Nikon. And, the NC-1 is said to not compete with Micro Four Thirds even using a smaller sensor than the competition. Now the word is that [...] Read more »

Is Pentax Showing Its True Colors?


Pentax has been in the news quite a bit in the past week. Hoya, the parent company, reported net sales up 1.5%, operating income up 4.7%, and net income up 12%. Of course, you have to remember that Hoya is a big and diversified company so just because the numbers [...] Read more »

Is This the End or the Beginning for Kodak?


Kodak can’t seem to get a break. For quite a while the company has been living more and more on the money that has come in via patents/intellectual property. But, that changed last week when a judge tossed a lawsuit Kodak had against Apple and RIM. It could be that [...] Read more »