Observations on Digital Cameras from CES 2011

CES is the big consumer show held annually in Las Vegas. It’s a mixture of photography, audio, video, gaming, automobiles, appliances and everything imaginable and in-between. Most of the recognizable names in photography has some kind of presence there including Canon, Nikon, Casio, Samsung, Sony, and Panasonic. Remembering that CES followed photokina by a mere few months it was surprising that any new cameras were announced at all.

Here are a few observations regarding photography a la CES. Regardless of what anyone believes 3D is becoming more widely available in cameras and camcorders. Still cameras powered by common AA batteries and containing impressive features and resolutions are now available below $100. Casio continues to think out of the box with its new Tryx (tricks) camera with features that include a touchscreen display, 360˚ rotating frame, and 21mm lens. When it comes to all digital cameras HD Video counts. Smartphones keep getting better and are being used far more than ever to take still images and video. Fewer DSLR cameras were on the shoulders of attendees this year as they relied on smaller products to do the job. Bloggers, on the other hand, still love big video cameras on big tripods. Mirrorless still isn’t on display from Canon or Nikon.

Next stop for photography will be Imaging USA and WPPI. Both of these shows focus on different markets, portrait and wedding. Possibly new cameras will be announced at one or both of them.