If Only People Would Use These Bullets

If everyone used these bullets the world would be a safer place. There would be no catastrophic effects, no werewolves, and hopefully no data loss. Meet the USB 2.0 Bullet Flash Drives. These gold or silver 50-caliber bullets are waterproof, rugged, and easily tuck away in a pocket. There’s a keychain and clip in case you want to attach them to a keyring or backpack. We’re not sure how TSA will react to them. But, as long as someone doesn’t pick them up and try to shoot them by mistake your data should be quite safe.

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Part Numbers Description Dimensions Street Price


AMP 50-Caliber Gold Bullet-shaped USB Drive 3.0 x 0.6inches

(76 x 16 mm)





AMP 22-Caliber Silver Bullet-shaped USB Drive 2.6 x 0.6 inches

(65 x 16 mm)



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  1. A flash drive in a bullet design. That is very creative.