Digital Photo Archives :: A Blessing or a Pain?


During an afternoon conversation with a photography professor and longtime friend we drifted into how sad it would be if we lost all of our film archives. Each of us has a considerable “stash” encompassing 50+ years of negatives and transparencies shot in everything from 110 to 8″ x10″ sheet [...] Read more »

Is 3D More of a Pain Than It’s Worth?


The industry seem intent that 3D will permeate everything from movies to still photography and video all the way to smartphone displays. The promises of grandeur sound as if we’re being thrown into new and valuable dimension. Yet, beyond these promises little has been done to address the unwarranted side [...] Read more »

If Only People Would Use These Bullets


If everyone used these bullets the world would be a safer place. There would be no catastrophic effects, no werewolves, and hopefully no data loss. Meet the USB 2.0 Bullet Flash Drives. These gold or silver 50-caliber bullets are waterproof, rugged, and easily tuck away in a pocket. There’s a [...] Read more »

Observations on Digital Cameras from CES 2011


CES is the big consumer show held annually in Las Vegas. It’s a mixture of photography, audio, video, gaming, automobiles, appliances and everything imaginable and in-between. Most of the recognizable names in photography has some kind of presence there including Canon, Nikon, Casio, Samsung, Sony, and Panasonic. Remembering that CES [...] Read more »

CliQ 2011 Is New Name of PMA 2011


PMA is set to announce that its Las Vegas Convention will be known as “CliQ 2011.” Set for September at the Las Vegas Convention Center the newly named event appears to be aimed at returning to the days of yesteryear with a very optimistic goal of bringing in 25,000 people! [...] Read more »