Rumors of the Death of the Point-and-Shoot Camera

Here we go again. Rumors abound regarding the death of point-and-shoot cameras. Now that most of the photos on Flickr are taken with an iPhone concerns are growing that the demise of the pocketable cameras as we know them are on the extinction list. Actually, nothing could be further from the truth. So what if a smartphone has a camera built-in? It’s still a capture device. This is pure fear factor spun by PR teams and pessimists. Stories of such are nothing new as history shows. Such tales rose when women took up photography, flexible film bases challenged glass plates, 35mm gained in popularity, and digital pixels took on film grain. It’s still all about the image, the moment, and the slice of frozen time. Most importantly it’s about the person behind the device who has a creative eye, one that understands composition, meaning, and technique. Bah Humbug to the spinners of such deathly tales. And, the Happiest of Holidays to those who understand the meaning of photography!