HDR Photography Hits the Real Estate Market

When a house comes up for sale and is listed with a Real Estate firm one of the first things on the list of “To Do” is to shoot a series of interior and exterior photographs. Most of these images find themselves online with some making it into a sales brochure or newspaper all produced for enticing someone to make a purchase. Many of these photos are taken with cameras and the results can be anywhere from mediocre to acceptable. More expensive homes may invite a specialized professional photographer who may bring in elaborate lighting or produce time-exposed images that mix ambient and artificial lighting together creating highly skilled images worthy of a coffee table book produced by Architectural Digest.

Now, there is HDRhomes founded by Jeff Corn and Ryel Kestano. The company was founded this year concentrating on the benefits of HDR (High Dynamic Range) photography. Looking at the images on their website those shadows open up and the sometimes troublesome highlights are contained producing images that truly stand out.

HDR is created by taking a sequence of images, all of the same subject, but, with each frame at a slightly different exposure. Images are then processed together producing the “best” of each image and creating a single photograph controlling dynamic range in a way that is stunning. Some DSLR as well as point-and-shoot cameras have begun popularizing this technique.

In today’s real estate market it takes whatever means there are to move property. For this reason HDR may make sense. HDRhomes has packages that begin at $129 which may sound affordable and add little cost to prepping a home that will be listed. You, however, are the judge. It may be that hot baked cookies and scents of cinnamon floating through the air are enough.

What are your thoughts? HDR or not?

Website: www.hdrhomes.com