Nikon’s Make Believe Mirrorless Digital Camera

Who hasn’t heard of Nikon’s clues about a mirrorless digital camera? It’s supposed to raise some eyebrows, set the world on fire, and even suggested that it will help Nikon grab loads of market share. This year alone rumors have suggested that their mirrorless system would make a surprise appearance at virtually every photo trade show whether it be on the floor or in some nearby secret room. At this point this mirrorless digital camera is make believe. (But, it might maybe hopefully sorta will be a reality one day.)

When a company sends these kinds of messages it generally means that they’re late to the game. And it buys some time letting consumers think that this product line might be well worth waiting for. However, the rumor now is that Nikon may show something at CES in January 2011. Now that Nikon’s Coolpix wonder boy, Ashton Kutcher, is caught in his own rumors and will prove distratcting it’s time for something new and innovative. (If this mirrorless camera is a reality please don’t pick Kim Kardasian, Justin Beiber, Paris Hilton, Jersey Shore, LiLo, Brit Brit or anyone of this caliber-less to be a spokesperson!)

Nikon, it’s time for a truth or dare! It’s time to turn the yellow neon on bright.