Does Taking a Bazillion Images at a Wedding Make You Pro Photographer?

Earlier this year there was a photography conference and tradeshow in Las Vegas. Common these days at hotels is breakfast that is included with your room rate. This is also one of the best times to eavesdrop on photographers having conversations with one another. One morning two photographers were descriving in great detail their approach to wedding photography. This particular shooter said that he preferred to provide all the images on DVD to the bride and groom. (They pick their favorites and a wedding album is provided per his contract.) When asked how many images he generally took he said, “I like to take around 3,000.” We were quivering at a covern table shaking our heads in disbelief. Can you imagine newlyweds being tortured just after getting married having to go through a mountain of images that probably contain a majority of mediocre pictures? Wouldn’t one think that a true professional photography would take a mere fraction of this amount and provide outstanding photos based on his/her qualities?

Just this week a group of professional photographers were chatting when one observed that one of his competitors recently did a wedding and provided a disc filled with over 6,000 shots! Someone the bride’s mother brought the disc to him and asked him to help her pick the best ones. He asked the other photographers if they’d like to guess how many he found that he considered top notch. His answer was “None!”

Maybe if you’re one of those photographers who has to shoot thousands of images because it’s easy to do with a DSLR camera think about how many rolls film photographers used to shoot. If your answer is still thousands and thousands maybe it’s time to think of another career. Thoughts, anyone?