Update :: Black Friday Isn’t for Sissies

(Black Friday casualties have begun. We’ve listed a few at the bottom of this post.)

Black Friday is upon us with major retailers set to begin “special” pricing as early as 3 a.m. Eastern Time. In fact, while visiting a local WalMart on November 24 shrink wrapped pallets of goods were spread throughout the store. Normally, the palettes are wrapped in clear plastic. But, in honor of Black Friday everything was wrapped in black plastic preventing curious shoppers from supposedly knowing what was going on special sale. The irony is that WalMart put out circulars that described in detail all the items.

This year, however, online shopping on both Black Friday and Cyber Monday, are projected to increased anywhere from 9-20% over last year. There are no crowds to fight (yes, some shoppers actually get killed), if inventories are exhausted shoppers will know immediately, and you can do everything from your home — only at those early hours.

If you are one of the lucky and fortunate ones that score those big photo buys, congratulations! Do make sure it’s a good deal because a number retailers play games during times such as these, particularly after having to low ball prices due to a tough economy. Others like to advertise hot sellers noted in advertisements when none exist in a bait and switch kind of thing. So, save your receipts, don’t tear up the boxes, keep all the paperwork, and read the fine print. May the wind be at your back or your broadband be long and wide. (We already know you’re probably buying as much as you can for yourself!) In the meantime, may your Black Friday and Cyber Monday be very Black and rewarding!


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