A Little This & That in Photography :: Patents/Pentax/Plug-ins

Sony has a liquid lens patent. Over four years ago Samsung filed their own patent for a liquid zoom lens. A little over a year ago Sony decided it was time to get into the game.

Tamron filed a patent for a 10-20mm lens. But, interestingly it has some strong similarities to one of Nikon’s lenses. Could it be?

Pentax set to go mirrorless? A welcome entry to the mirrorless game could definitely be Pentax. In many ways they’re products don’t get nearly the attention they deserve. And, wouldn’t be a hoot if they beat Nikon to the game? Of course, Nikon continues to claim they’ve got some mirrorless ideas of their own but have produced anything yet.

Creative Photoshop plug-ins for power users. Power to the plug-ins. Are you experienced enough for these?

Does Olympus have a new MF/3 E-PL1s in November? Rumor is that Olympus will have a new Micro Four Thirds model. While this could be exciting it’s that rangefinder with the fixed lens that was shown behind glass at photokina that caught our eye.

Leica’s Red Bull Illume D-Lux 5. Red Dot meets Red Bull as they get into some sports action branding.