Pumpkin Patch Time :: Getting Those Halloween Shots

The zombies and ghouls come out in force with the masks of costumed celebrities of the day for Halloween which is Sunday, October 31. With many of the newer cameras it’s possible to scare up some pictures that can be successfully captured indoors or out using only natural light. Scary, isn’t it? There was a time when only good photos came out of low light with flash or super steady hands. For our Trick or Treat we’ve included several spot-on sources for your photographic pleasure. Get ready. These characters are capable of sneaking up on you. Be prepared to shoot!

How to Take Halloween Pictures

Take Super Scary Photos This Halloween

Halloween Photography Tips

Tricks to Taking Great Halloween Photos of Kids

And, if you got an award winning image be sure to post it in the forums for others to see. Be sure to include your equipment and how you got the photo!