Photographing Monsters, Spirits, and UFOs :: Trick or Treat?

Even back in the mid-1800s there were claims that photography could capture images of the invisible world. Today, we have all kinds of claims. With shades of Halloween upon us there have sneaky manipulations in the darkroom or computer, double-exposure hackery, and other forms of trickery. In fact, it brings to mind a murder case that I once was involved with. A young teenage girl disappeared one evening after driving her car to a local gasoline station in search of a soft drink. Her vehicle was discovered the following day showing no signs of foul play. There were no clues. A month or so later some hunters discovered some human remains. But, they waited a couple of days to tell law enforcement because this would have interuppted on of their favorite hunting spots. A psychic from a neighboring state offered his services. Turns out that he used his Polaroid camera to take pictures where she was discovered. As one print came out of the camera it was handed to a deputy while each developed. Some of the images were eerie. One shot seemed to show a female ghost peering around a tree. Another showed a person’s name against tree bark when there was no such thing visible to the human eye if standing in the very same spot. Even after the images were enhanced there was no way of knowing with 100% surety what the real story was. Years have passed and having lost touch with the parties involved it’s not known whether the case was ever solved.

We’ve all seen photos of UFOs flying around in the sky or a big so-called Yeti walking through woods. Let’s not forget the Loch Ness monster. Whether it’s a trick or merely a treat it keeps us on our toes and our flashlights fitted with fresh batteries in the event we have to hide with the dust bunnies under the bed. In the end our imagination sees more than often is reality. And, imagination loves to play games.
(image via The UnMuseum)

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