Nikon D7000 RAW & 100 Percent High ISO

Nikon D7000 has been a curiosity  for a lot of different groups. The D90 folks see it as an upgrade. New buyers want to know if it compares with the D300 or even the D700. Real owners of the current D300 are not sure what to think, some are defending the D300 with a drawn sword and some are feeling a little slighted.

If you already own a camera and you are happy – don’t sweat it, you camera still works – lol. If you own a camera and are not happy, or if you are shopping for a new DSLR the Nikon D7000 certainly can be at the top or near the top of your list. One thing we all can agree on is everybody wants to see some pictures :)

Until Lightroom came out with it’s new upgrade today (Oct 25, 2010) I couldn’t work with RAW files so I was just playing around with JPG files. Now the RAW files have come into the mix and I didn’t want to wait to take high end shots, so “house shots” will have to do. Here are some of the results.

The first view will orientate you and is what the full frame looks like, then the 100 percent will follow for all the pictures below.










Depending on your browser, do what is necessary to save these files to your computer.

All images Copyright Peter Gregg 2010

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Hey everybody, look for a new video where I will be sharing my actual shooting experience with the new Nikon D7000.

Peter Gregg

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  1. jack says:

    THX for the great share.

    Those RAW files do a lots of help for us.