Brand New Nikon D7000 – First Thoughts

A few hours with the brand new Nikon D7000 lets me see what a terrific camera this really is. It knocks the twingleburger out of just about every other camera in it’s price range and even at double it’s price.

Imagine saying that ISO 3200 on a crop camera is awesome!!! It is! Not necessarily for 100 percent screen shots but in a couple of test prints it was amazing impressive.

Review done by Peter Gregg of A Better Bounce Card.

The first section is actual footage done on the D7000 camera itself. Then the video switches over to a Canon T2i for the remainder of the video. The 50mm F1.4 lens (USM for Canon and G for Nikon) was used on both cameras. Natural room lighting without any special photography lighting was the scene setting. ISO 1600 was used on the Canon and auto ISO was used on the Nikon.

Cameras Used for video: Nikon D7000 & Canon T2i
Lenses: 50mm Nikon G & 50mm Canon USM
Nikon D7000 – Auto ISO, A Mode F1.8 1920×1080 24p
Canon T2i – ISO1600, Manual F1.8 1/80
Color Balance Canon – Custom done with ColorRight Pro
Color Balance Nikon – Custom done with ColorRight Pro
Lighting – Natural room lighting, mixed sources

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  1. Eugene Normus Johnson says:

    Is it just me? Or does anyone else want to smack him when he rants about that stupid plug hole? I mean come on.

    I am interested in seeing actual photos of what the camera can do at higher ISO’s. Was wanting to pick up a D-700 but am considering this camera instead. Hm…

    E. Normus Johnson

  2. kirk tuck says:

    Love this guy. He’s fun, intelligent and has a very personable way of talking about cameras and stuff. I’d listen to him explain just about anything. And he answers the questions I would have asked. Very nicely done!


  3. Nathan Supan says:

    Thank you Peter for your review! It really helps me. Been waiting for Nikon to release a new camera that will compete with Canon video DSLR in terms of quality and features.

  4. Knoxville says:

    Love this new camera. I’m really eager to see some more high iso examples.

  5. Johan Louw says:

    Thanks, Peter, found your review informative.

  6. wayne says:

    Nice review of the camera. I purchased it about a week ago and I am impressed thus far.
    I have to tell you that I went through the same issue of how to select focus points. I became frustrated [I have owned many Nikon SLRs]. I finally called Nikon support to find out how to accomplish this task. Finally got an answer that resolved my issue.
    I wish I had seen your video before calling.
    Thanks for your time reviewing this camera.

  7. Lee Rothman says:

    Peter has been to a LOT of rodeo’s regarding cameras. Has owned nearly all of them (and I’ve owned most of them at some point. He’s a LOT more entertaining AND informative compared to the dweebs that typically place Youtube videos that’s for sure. Well done Peter!!