Truth or Rumor :: Whispers of New 3D Camera and More

Minox is set t release a new digital 3D kamera on September 20, the day before Photokina officially opens the exhibit halls. The company is famously known for making their itsy bitsy cameras that spies used to love when documenting secrets behind enemy lines. The question is whether it’s going to be one of those tiny capture devices or will we see something that shows that Minox is growing up? Hackers, get on the move and get behind the password protected webpage…

Minox Super Secret 3D Website

Well, this one is no rumor although it is a little bit hard to believe. According to 1001 Noisy Cameras the Panasonic LX5 has already dropped in price from $499 down to a more realistic $467 at places like Amazon. Well, it’s $498 at B&H. But, that’s because B&H have been honoring religious holidays.

Why the sudden drop since it’s been shipping less than a month? Remember that Photokina is right around the corner and the competition may be brutal. Plus, this is a second generation camera replacing the beloved LX3. Or, it could be that Panasonic is secretly admitting that they made a big bogus mistake by including a tethered lens cap that everyone finds annoying.
On the subject of Leica a rumor has been going around today that the X1 will be replaced next week bringing it up to X1.2 or maybe even X2. One technological improvement has supposedly eliminated the horrible shutter lag. And, even more speculation surrounds a possible X3 that will have interchangeable lenses. Of course, there was some reference to a camo and super kryptonite model that might appeal to collectors.


And, then there’s Canon. This is one company that has its own vision. And, one vision that has played popularly with professionals and amateurs alike. Canon apparently is staying super secret on at least one of next week’s announcements. While it’s highly unlikely Canon won’t fly everyone to Australia on Oprah Air it just might put down some red carpet for a fancy announcement or two.


All eyes and ears are focused on Cologne, Germany for, the big photo event.