Truth or Rumor :: The Whispers Continue – Sept. 6

Continuing with the floodgates of whispers as we approach photokina here are a few new cameras to speculate over.

1. Pentax K-5 and K-r DSLR cameras. The K-5 is said to be 16 megapixels strong while the K-r is righteous at 12 megapixels. Read More at Photo Rumors.

2. Nikon still wags around stories of “another type of photography” according to Makoto Kimura, Nikon President. Does this really, really mean more Nikon cameras? Read More at DNA.

3. The Samsung crowd is dreaming of a mirrorless NX100. Is this the first of many? Read More at 1001 Noisy Cameras.

For now make your best guess for Truth or Rumor.

More smoke and mirrors will surely come with photokina 2010 to be held in September 2010.