Canon 1Ds MKIV Test Bodies Spotted

National Geographic photographer Stephen Alvarez has posted on his blog that “[a] friend told me that there are some Canon 1ds MK IV test models floating around. That means 2 things. The much awaited camera’s release is imminent and we should have a first look at it here soon.” We’ve [...] Read more »

Nikon D95 received new information that the Nikon D90 replacement will be called the Nikon D95.  Not sure I agree, but it’s possible as it follows and builds on the D90 name nicely. My money is still on it being the Nikon D7000. Regardless of nomenclature, there were some interesting specs [...] Read more »

The Signs of Travel :: Interesting Photo Fodder


Adventure has no path. Grab your camera and get off the beaten road. Travel to those little communities that thrive with their own unique cultures. More times than not you’ll find quirky road signs that can tell you a lot about them. Be prepared to stop and get out of [...] Read more »

Nikon D7000 16 Megapixel Sensor

With the news of 4 possible new Sony DSLR cameras with 2 new sensors, one 14 megapixels and the other 16 megapixels, I think we’ve basically had the new Nikon D7000 sensor confirmed for us folks. Nikon has a long history of working with Sony for it’s sensors, and we [...] Read more »


So the logical question that comes to mind after the rumor that the Nikon EVIL digital camera will have a DX sensor is “Why not an FX sensor option?” Sure, it’ll cost more, and appeal to a smaller market. But if priced accordingly and done right, it WOULD be a [...] Read more »