Nikon D95 received new information that the Nikon D90 replacement will be called the Nikon D95.  Not sure I agree, but it’s possible as it follows and builds on the D90 name nicely.

My money is still on it being the Nikon D7000.

Regardless of nomenclature, there were some interesting specs in that info too.

The first is a possible magnesium body.  While this is only speculation on the NikonRumors author’s part, it’s an interesting possibility.  On the one hand, I could see Nikon going this route to further enhance a great seller (D90).  On the other hand, I could see Nikon not going this route so they don’t step on the sales of the D300s and the coming D400.

Second and third of the specs was a 16 megapixel sensor and 1080HD video.  Nothing new here folks.  As I’ve already noted, with the Sony sensor announcements, it’s a given that the D90 replacement will be 16 megapixels, and as far as the 1080HD video, that’s a given too.  The only video surprise might be that we get more than 1080HD.

The other spec that jumped out at me was the mention of 39 Auto Focus points.  This is new, and welcome if true.  Again, I could see Nikon going this route to boost the competitive advantage of the D95 or D7000.  Remember, the D90 was revolutionary when it came out… the first DSLR with video.  Nikon will want to build on that heritage and make sure the D95 or D7000 offers even more.

The short of it is, I want one!

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  1. ben says:

    I was inches away from buying the nikon d90. Just the thought that the (supposed) d95 could be even better has made me wait it out. I just wish I knew how long the wait has to be.

    Any guesses on a release date as apossed to an anouncement date?

  2. Kenneth Richardson says:

    Hopefully it is weather sealed. If not, no biggie, Nikon still makes some of the best Cameras you can get for the Money! and it might be enough to get Canon users over to Nikon

  3. Jackson Tukki says:

    Awaiting good news, please wait until September 15th

  4. auy555 says:

    According to NikonRumors, here are some of the possible cameras that will be announced by Nikon in the upcoming Photokina 2010 September 21-26 2010:


    Happy waiting.. I’m on to it Too!!

  5. Roch says:

    I was about to get the Nikon D90 today but a friend informed me that Nikon D95 is coming out this September.

    I decided to wait it out instead.