Nikon D7000 16 Megapixel Sensor

With the news of 4 possible new Sony DSLR cameras with 2 new sensors, one 14 megapixels and the other 16 megapixels, I think we’ve basically had the new Nikon D7000 sensor confirmed for us folks.

Nikon has a long history of working with Sony for it’s sensors, and we were expecting a 16 to 20 MP sensor for the Nikon D7000.  A few rumors have said it would be a 16 MP sensor, and with this new Sony news, I think we have as close as we’re going to get to confirmation without actually hearing it from Nikon.

While I was kinda hoping for a 20 Megapixel sensor for the Nikon D90 replacement, this is actually good news.  Rumors have been floating that the Nikon D7000 will have high ISO abilities comparable to the D700.  With a modest update from 12 to 16 megapixels, I think this could very well be the case.

Nikon has the technology (can you say D3s) to make the cleanest high ISO camera on the planet, so they should be more than able to make a 16 megapixel DX sensor perform at the D700 level.

Now the question is… what about the video abilities?

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  1. jes says:

    What we really want is an affordable full frame DSLR with a 1080 video from Nikon or many will be forced to buy into Canon’s 5D MK II.
    Forget the mega pixel war. Hollywood already accepted the 5D. That’s the new standard for the serious photogvideographer, worldwide.

  2. Nikon D700 says:

    I’ve just pre-ordered the D7000 from for just 1199$ and free shipping.
    I’m so excited !! this should be like the best camera ever – rich camera incorporates a 16.2Mp CMOS sensor, faster ‘Expeed 2′-branded processor, 921k dot 3.0″ LCD and can record 1080p full HD movies, WOW !!