Canon 60D Announcement Soon is reporting that a Canon rep has said the Canon 60D will be announced in August. We’ve been waiting on this one for a while now, so hopefully this will be it!

To recap what we know so far, the Canon 60D is rumored to be an 18 megapixel sensor, similar (or same) as the Canon 7D and Canon Rebel T2i.  Of course, Canon may take the lead and surprise us all with a higher resolution sensor… maybe 20 or 22 megapixels.  Personally, I think the 60D will be 18 megapixels, but we’ll see!

Other features to note…

It’ll have 1080HD video similar to the 7D and the T2i.  Again, Canon may take the lead and give the 60D some new video features we haven’t seen yet.  I doubt it’ll have anything like Nikon’s new continous video AF though.

It’s also possible the 60D will be GPS and Wi-Fi enabled.  Either or both would give Canon a leg up on the competition here.

And the biggie we’re always wondering about… Auto Focus.  I expect something akin to the 7D auto focus, perhaps with less AF points.  The 50D AF system is getting VERY long in the tooth, so I’d expect an update of some kind, and a version of the venerable 7D AF system is the likely candidate.

All in all, the Canon 60D should be a welcome update to the disappointing Canon 50D.  I can’t wait to see what we get!

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  1. roger cossey says:

    I have been waiting for some time to upgrade my 400D and I think that will be the new one for me.