Canon 1Ds MKIV Test Bodies Spotted

National Geographic photographer Stephen Alvarez has posted on his blog that “[a] friend told me that there are some Canon 1ds MK IV test models floating around. That means 2 things. The much awaited camera’s release is imminent and we should have a first look at it here soon.”

We’ve been expecting the Canon flagship to appear, and the first sightings are being reported.

As noted previously, expect the Canon 1Ds MK IV to be 30 megapixels or more, possibly as high as 40 megapixels (although I think 30 to 32 is where it’ll come in at).

The big unknown on the Canon flagship is video.  I’m thinking not, due to technical constraints with such a large sensor and the amount of information that it would need to pipe through for video, but you never know.  Canon may surprise us.

Expect the 1Ds MkIV to have the 1D MkIV focus system.  That’s pretty much a given.

It’ll be interesting to see the full official specs on the flagship, and if anybody has anymore sightings to report, let me know!

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  1. Kaleidoski says:

    many news saying that canon will not be releasing the new 1Ds anymore. it would be probably the fullframe with high MP version will be concentrated on the 5Dmk3. while its still in development, the next 1D series would be a fullframe with a lower MP and still keeping that 10fps. with better noise i bet. i hope canon could keep up the game. hope canon will rule the dslr world again. not nikon. its sucks. and sony actually done pretty good with their slt cameras. good price for a good spec. :)