20+ Photoshop CS5 Video Tutorials :: Watch & Learn

It’s Friday the 13th and it’s time for some Photoshop CS5 Help! Here are 20+ selected video tutorials that cover everything from masking to blending to photomontages to focus stacking. Photographers get relaxed and get ready. It’s time watch & learn Photoshop CS5!

Hair Masking

Compositing and Selecting Hair

Content Aware


Puppet Warp

Refine Edge Tool

Refine Edge

Complex Selections Made Easy

Rain Effect

Noise Reduction

Impressionist Oil Painting (Part 1)

Impressionist Oil Painting (Part 2)

Masks Panel

New Advanced Masking (Part 1)

New Advanced Masking (Part 2)

Photomontage with Mask Tool

Extracting Images

Automatic Lens Correction

Advanced Motion Blur Masking and Blending

Rotation with Content-Aware Fill

Focus Stacking